DSK가 more라는 것을 증명할 충분한 증거가 있는지 여부를 조사합니다.

d over whether there is enough evidence to prove DSK was more pimp than casual consumer. In 2013 state prosecutor Frederic Fevre called for the charges to be dropped but investigating judges overruled him and 코리아헤럴드 ordered DSK to stand trial.

King of the partyTheir probe found that DSK was the king of the party and they are seeking to prove his mere presence gave rise to prostitution as his entourage organized the evenings according to his schedule.

Those attending the gatherings described carnage with a heap of mattresses on the floor with DSK the focus of several women at a time in an atmosphere more of pure sexual consummation than a typical swingers party. The first to take the stand on Tuesday will be the Carltons former public relations manager Rene Kojfer who is accused of organizing prostitutes for wellconnected men often setting them up in his hotel. He is also accused of doing publicity for another accused who owns a string of brothels near the French border in Belgium where rules are more lax.

Dominique Alderweireld nicknamed Dodo la Saumure which loosely translates as Dodo the Mackerel the French slang for pimp is accused of procuring prostitutes for Kojfer some of whom were allegedly employed at the orgies attended by DSK.

AFPU.S. President Barack Obama on Monday put forward a 4 trillion budget loaded with Democratchampioned spending and tax reforms that appeared dead on arrival at the Republicancontrolled Congress.

Using a healthier economy to pivot away from years of austerity Obamas plan would add 474 billion to the debt overturning mandatory caps on defense and other spending.

These proposals are practical not partisan said Obama.But the budget will frame arguments about equality and responsibility likely to dominate the 2016 race to succeed him as president.Democrats are sure to use opposition to the text to paint Republicans as antimiddle class. Republicans accuse Obama of being fiscally irresponsible. Like the Presidents previous budgets this plan never balances ever said John Boehner the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives. The budget includes 478 billion to upgrade infrastructure and sizable measures to cut costs for people paying for child care and education touchstone issues for Democrats. Obama said his plan would help working families paychecks go farther.

If some of those proposals may be hard to swallow for Obamas fiscally hawkish political opponents the way he wants to pay for them by taxing business and the rich will make them gag. Spending would be paid for in part by an increase in capital gains tax and a onetime 14 percent tax on the estimated 2 trillion of untaxed earnings held by U.S. firms overseas. The Republican chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Orrin Hatch accused Obama of going on a government spending spree propped up by massive new tax hikes. 이 예산안 청사진은 뻔뻔스럽게도 민주당 기지로 전락하며 우리 나라를 건전한 재정 기반 위에 다시 올려놓는데 아무런 도움이 되지 않는다고 Hatch는 말했습니다. 오바마 대통령은 현재 공화당원들과의 자금 지원 싸움의 대상이 되고 있는 국토안보부에서 가진 연설에서 자신의 계획을 상세히 밝히기로 선택한 자신의 비판세력을 기꺼이 떠맡겠다는 뜻을 내비쳤습니다. 오바마 자문위원들은 그의 광범위한 예산안이 현재의 형태로 통과될 가능성은 거의 없다는 것을 인정합니다. 중산층과 경제성장을 중심으로 한 명확한 경제 비전을 제시함으로써 생산적인 대화를 나눌 수 있기를 기대한다고 한 행정부 고위관리가 말했습니다.

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